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Brunch has become a staple in the millennial schedule

Brunch has become a staple in the millennial schedule. With bars in Austin closing at 2AM, many late-night patrons are frequently reaching bed at the early hours of the morning - sometimes already having food on their mind and having dreams about local restaurants.

Most of the time, the body still wakes you up at your normal schedule, but if you can hit the snooze button enough times, a whole new class of morning food choice emerges.

The first thought that enters your mind when you wake up is: “where can I find brunch near me?” You immediately pop out your phone and type “brunch near me” in your search box, and an explosion of choices are thrown at you. Allow me to save you some time when you search for restaurants in the area - One of the best places to eat in Austin is Holly Roller.

Finest Brunch in Austin

Holler Roller is hands down one of the best restaurants Austin has to offer. They serve a nostalgic brunch menu full of delicious egg dishes, sandwiches, desserts, and more, all in an atmosphere inspired by the spirit of punk rock. Brunch starts at 10AM on weekends, but you can get your brunch fix until 3PM. If brunch isn’t your cup of tea, Holy Roller is also one of the best lunch places near me that serves the best sandwiches in Austin. Their meatloaf sandwich features mozzarella, house pickles, horsey sauce, and crunchy cheese all on white toast.

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Not Forgetting Our Mouthwatering Cocktails

The cocktails are one of the major components making Holly Roller one of the best restaurants in Austin. All the staples are offered, including beer and wine, but the delicious cocktails will have you coming back for more. Skyler Payne’s world-famous Hot Dog Water cocktail is a must-try. Don’t worry, it’s not really made with hot dog water, but you will certainly be back for more.

Before indulging in too many cocktails, make sure you try some of the delicious brunch options. The Local, featuring stiles switch brisket, pulled pork, soft scramble, and cheddar cheese on a warm biscuit, will have the mouthwatering of the typical Austin eater. There’s also a hearty collection of sharable items like the Trash Fries and Brisket Fries, which are both gluten-free.

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Holy Roller, the best place to eat in Austin

If you like to stay out late enjoying the Austin nightlife, but you still want a delicious meal with breakfast foods when you wake up, remember Holly Roller is by far the best restaurant nearby. It is definitely one of the best places to eat in Austin and should be your go-to option for a delicious brunch. Rally at Holly Roller and then enjoy the most popular area of Austin!