Top 10 Crypto to Buy or Invest in 2022

The crypto market over past years has changed like the bitcoin accepted as legal currency by El Salvador, and the crypto investors have earned high profit by investing in cryptocurrencies. The market capitalization of cryptos has gone from billion to trillion U.S Dollars. If you see the performance of cryptocurrencies this year, almost everyone is investing and liking this digital currency. And there is no doubt that demand for crypto will escalate in 2022. 

There are more than thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the crypto market we have come up with the Top 10 Crypto for you to buy/invest/trade in 2022.

Top 10 cryptocurrency for 2022


It is the number one cryptocurrency, so it can be called the king of cryptocurrencies. It is the first and largest cryptocurrency that got popular worldwide, and everyone is familiar with bitcoin, even people who don’t know what it is must-have heard bitcoin once this year. The market cap of bitcoin is around $900 billion, which means so much amount is invested in it. Bitcoin stands out among all the crypto because of its easy transaction and payments. 

If you see the performance of bitcoins in 2021, it is obvious that it will hike in 2022. So, you must include bitcoin in your portfolio among all the cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH is a blockchain application that uses Ether as its crypto for trading that provides applications in Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), decentralized finance (Defi), and online contracts. Its market cap is around $480 billion and will perform well in 2021. Like bitcoin, its value increased in 2021 and is expected to grow more in 2022.

Binance coin (BNB)

BNB is the largest trading cryptocurrency, initially ran on ETH blockchain but now issued by Binance exchange. BNB is used as a token fee for trade and has the lowest transaction fees. The market cap of BNB is around $96 billion. BNB reduces the supply of coins in each quarter, making it a cryptocurrency to invest in for 2022.


Tether is a stable cryptocurrency, which is secured and token backed up by other assets. The benefit that makes it stand out among cryptocurrencies is it protects against the unpredictable nature of crypto.


It is the fastest public blockchain platform with applications like Defi, NFT’s, and online contracts. The value of Solana is highest in 2021 than it has ever achieved, and its demand is going to increase in 2022, predicted by various finance analysts.


It is the fastest and smart blockchain platform that stores information so that no third party can control the information. ETH is the most used blockchain network and is expected to thrive in 2022; the same goes for avalanches.


Its value is growing over the year because it solves real-world problems, provides all the real-world information and data to all other coins. Its key feature is that it solves the privacy issue, which means investors can’t see your transactions and keep your process confidential.


Litecoin is identical to bitcoin in some way and is used to transfer large amounts of money directly to individuals and businesses. The market cap of bitcoin is around $5 billion. Thus, makes it a good option for investing in 2022.


Cardano is an open-source blockchain, a decentralized platform launched by the co-founder of ETH that fills the shortcomings of ETH. Cordano’s market cap is around $97 billion, which was started with $5.5 billion this year, which means many people invested in it. Thus, a worthy investment for 2022. 


It provides cross-blockchain transfer of any data or assets and tokens. Polkadot networks use point-of-stake (POS) algorithms and solve ETH’s scalability issue. It has features that verify transactions and issue new DOT so, it’s safe to invest.

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